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Welcome! I would like begin with this inspirational quote:

Story telling about profesional and personal experiences is something very important to me, not only for learning purpose but also to avoid others to hit their head against a brick wall, and thus avoiding the mistakes I have made in my life and career.

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( welcome to Linux Docs )
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This is my linux open book. A place where I share knowledge and experiences, mostly based on Arch Linux {:target=”_blank”} via command line but pretty much all the content could be applied to any Linux Distribution. Linux based systems I use and you might find here:

I hope you find this site interesting and valuable, so you can learn, use and take advantage of it. I would also love to include anything that adds even more valuable, so feel free to read the Feedback and Contribution section if you are interested in participating.

Feedback and Contribution

I would like to make this process as easy as possible so any suggestions are more than welcome. You can contribute by:

Do not forget to check out Style and Customization Section of this website in order to be consistent with the current content.

Be in touch

Let’s get the conversation started! Always more than happy to be in touch and get to know other people around the globe.

if you have feedback, please ping me on Twitter, Fosstodon, or drop me a line via email. There is also contact information on my personal website.


I want to say THANKS and give a BIG SHOUTOUT to:

  • All the contributors involved who have provided me super awesome feedback.
  • People I bumped into, who helped me grow as a person and as a professional.
  • To you for visiting this site and taking the time to read it.